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MBoredPosted by mbedd Wed, January 29, 2014 16:45:39

I've finally got around to updating the MBedd site, ditching the full flash version, and instead going for the static picture based approach. More people seem to be asking me for HTML5 stuff now, so I thought I better adjust accordingly.

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MBoredPosted by mbedd Tue, January 21, 2014 19:54:14
So happy a bit of fan art I did got a nice reply from the band themselves.

Totally delighted. Here's the video it's based on below...

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Award Winner

MBoredPosted by mbedd Mon, June 04, 2012 17:17:28
At last, here is proof that I am in fact an award winner.

On July 30th 1983 I beat all the competition and received the highest accolade ever imaginable by anyone ever.
That's right, I won the Star Letter in the Beano.

Yes, my tale of getting my Beano annual signed by the mighty sub new romantic singing sensation Tony Hadley, had propelled me into the limelight.
I always treasure that memory, always realising I would never achieve anything as special as that ever again in my life ever.

-Even though Dennis tried to trump my story with his spurious Duran Duran autograph ramblings, adding more fuel to a Spandau versus Duran war that had been raging since the beginning of time.

-Even though I hadn't been honest in my letter, and had actually deliberately taken my Beano to be signed, and the autograph book mishap I had mentioned was in fact a shameful fabrication to give the story more colour and drama.

-Even though I scorched and frayed the stripey faux Dennis the Menace jumper I had won, because I needed it for a Freddy Krueger fancy dress costume many years later.

The T-shirt was too small too.

Click here to see the full size version in all its splendor

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Happy ZX Birthday

MBoredPosted by mbedd Mon, April 23, 2012 12:16:02

Here's my little tribute to the ZX Spectrum, which has it's 30th anniversary today.

The Speccy was the first machine I ever owned and learned to program with.

I remember many frustrating yet happy days creating graphics for it, filling my room with graph paper full of 8 by 8 squares trying to combat colour clash.

Happy Birthday Mr. Spectrum.

Click here for the larger version

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Perky's 13 Year Anniversary Special

MBoredPosted by mbedd Tue, April 17, 2012 22:21:23

Here's a sweet little cartoon I made about a cheeky clown who just wants to entertain.

To mark this film's 13 Year Anniversary I have decided to digitally unremaster it, showing it to you in the shoddiest quality possible. Dance y'fools.

You can see the movie by clicking here

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Yay It's My Birthday.

MBoredPosted by mbedd Thu, February 09, 2012 00:02:54

Yeesh, I'm 39 years 2 minutes and 54 seconds old.

Well to celebrate one more year closer to death, I have decided to upload a new look to my website.

I have also added a new mini links section including a CV download and merchandise button.

You can visit my site by clicking here

Although that link is pointless as the only way you could have got to this blog is through that website, and the new link to this blog didn't exist until I uploaded it 2 minutes ago.

So unless you are John Connor, Michael J. Fox or Cornelius the ape, you can ignore what I have just typed.

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So I Started a Blog.

MBoredPosted by mbedd Mon, February 06, 2012 20:50:47

As it looks like I am going to have a lot of spare time travelling to freelance jobs across the country, I thought I would start a blog to keep myself amused.

Hopefully it will cover new work and projects, more than likely it will be just rabid waffling.

I have just come back to snow in England after 2 years away in 33 degree temperatures. The only thing good about that is there are no mosquitoes, so I don't smell of lavender repellent any more.

Also the cheese is slightly cheaper here.

So with frozen fingers, I wave hello to you all.

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