Happy Songkran

Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Thu, April 10, 2014 20:36:20

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Happy Pancake Day Everyone

Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Mon, March 03, 2014 16:19:39

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Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Thu, February 27, 2014 20:11:51

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New Members

Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Tue, February 11, 2014 15:57:06
MBedd is pleased to announce three more fictional members of the team, and one of their main jobs is to hassle Deedee on her Facebook page.
So the first new member to be joining Deedee and Ember, is Singer/Actress Mo Rinko

Thank you Mo for fictionally joining the team.

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24 Cows

Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Thu, July 05, 2012 14:17:10
Deedee, MBedd's chicken mascot has been quite busy on her Facebook page, and has created a new serial based on her current obsession of the American action series '24' and cow death.

You can see the first few episodes from here

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Welcome to the New Employee

Deedee SkychickenPosted by mbedd Tue, June 12, 2012 21:50:08
I would very much like to welcome the latest member of MBedd.com.
Please meet Deedee Skychicken.

Yes, she is a chicken, but she vows to give 100% commitment to the job in hand.
"Yes, it's all rather exciting really," clucked Deedee this morning. "I have never been a company mascot before, and now MBedd has installed a lovely shiny 'Acer' computer in the lower field, I feel like Chloe O'Brian from '24' the American TV series. I have been having a bit of trouble with those dribbling cow idiots that are constantly watching and jeering, but I'm sure it won't hinder my work... whatever that is."

You can follow Deedee on her own Facebook page, by clicking here

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